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Wow, there was lots happening with Circle Soaps in May! We attended our first market at Frau Gerold's Garten in Zürich... was such a success that we will back for another market on Saturday 8th June!

Thanks to everyone that came to visit us :)

We also attended the "Umweltfestival" in Kloten. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best and heavy rain does not mix well with soaps so we had to leave early! We were lucky with the first half of the day though and it was great to chat with so many people that have an interest in the environment, climate change and living without plastic.

Dry soaps before the storm hit! We sold a lot of the Sunny Side soap but don't worry, there are plenty more curing that will be ready soon.

We are very happy to have formed two more new partnerships with like-minded companies.

The Lovely Chickpea is a vegan online shop. They offer a wide selection of 💯% non-animal, fair and sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

Danjana, the founder of @thelovelychickpea found it difficult to find high quality, vegan fashion and care products. She combined her passion for beautiful things and veganism and created her online shop with "The Lovely Chickpea".

Glück Unverpackt Bioladen & Takeaway

We are very excited about this one as it will be opening in Rüti, our local town, so we will be able to walk to do our unpackaged shopping! They open on 29th June and will have our soaps for sale.

New Product!

At the request of one of our customers, we now have organic cotton makeup remover pads available on our site.

These are handmade in France and come in a pack of 5.

One side is cotton flannel for absorption and the other is extra soft cotton.

Often, water is enough to remove makeup (depending on the makeup you use). Otherwise, any kind of oil like coconut oil, removes makeup well.

Are there any other products you would like to see on our shop? Please write to let us know

Easy DIY Toothpaste / Deo Recipe

Here's an easy DIY recipe to make your own toothpaste / deodorant. It's so simple and for me, works better than any of the previous products I used to buy.

4 spoons coconut oil

4 spoons baking soda (natron)

1 spoon bentonite clay (optional)

few drops peppermint essential oil (optional)

Coconut oil is antibacterial and can easily be bought in glass.

Baking soda is the cleaning power and can be bought unpackaged or in paper bags at many zero waste stores.

This recipe works well without Bentonite clay but it does add a nice consistency. I buy it from Acala online in glass but it may be coming to local unpackaged shops soon...!

Essential oils are also optional but add a nice taste / smell. You could also add a form of sweetener if you find the baking soda too salty for you.

Shampoo Bars!! Coming for our next Frau Gerold's Market - 8th June!!

So many of you have been asking about these. The recipes were finally approved by the chemists a few weeks ago so I was able to finish making the final batches. These are now curing and just need to finalise the translations for the shop brochures and website descriptions. There will also be a shampoo guide as switching from conventional bottled shampoos to a shampoo bar can take some getting used to!

We will have some of these ready by the next Frau Gerold's market on Saturday 8th June - hope to see you there! :)


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